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DoubleRock Tools is a division of The Upholstery Studio Inc. formed to manufacture quality tools for the upholstery profession and the retail market. While these tools are built for the professional, the hobbyist building one of our projects will find our tools 'a must'.

DoubleRock Staple Remover
Staple Remover Use

Staple Remover: Our first tool is an innovative design for pulling staples from wood and fabric without damaging either. It is built to pull staples in either a channel or on a flat surface. With a twist of the wrist the staples just pop out. Patent# 6,308,935 B1

Retail Price: $24.95

Staple Remover Use
Staple Remover in Use
DoubleRock Staple Set

Staple Set: The Staple Set is a tool to tap staples in place that don't quite go into the wood all the way. Works especially well in those tough to reach single and double welt channels. The tip is curved to fit right over the staple. Once it is locked on top of the staple, just tap the staple into the wood. Will not cut or damage the fabric.

Retail Price: $12.95

Combo Staple Remover and Staple Set:  $32.95

Staple Set in Use
DoubleRock Tufting Foam Cutter
DoubleRock Foam Cutter

Button Tufting Foam Cutter: For anyone that creates furniture with diamond tufting, this cutter is a must. Whenever a project calls for tufting, whether you are working in the automotive, marine, aeronautic or home decorating industries, this tool is for you. Using this tool with our Ottoman project plans will greatly reduce your time and will give you a better looking finished project. Just attach the cutter to your drill and watch how effortlessly and smoothly the cutter goes through foam.

1" Diameter Foam Cutter - $39.95

1.25" Diameter Foam Cutter - $42.95

1.5" Diameter Foam Cutter - $48.95

Combo - All 3 Sizes of Foam Cutters - $114.95

DoubleRock Foam Cutter in Use foamcutters2
DoubleRock Webbing Stretcher

Webbing Stretcher: Our webbing stretcher is the perfect tool to complete that beautiful bench or ottoman. This tool allows you to put tension on the jute webbing while stapling. Just poke the webbing over the pins and while resting the rubber end of the tool against the wood, apply pressure downward to create tension, then staple.

Retail Price: $16.95

Webbing Stretcher in Use
DoubleRock Tool Collection

DoubleRock Upholstery Tool Collection:

Now you can get all 6 DoubleRock tools together at a great discounted price. Save over 25% when you buy all 6 together.

Retail Price:  $119.95